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CALISS produces all its garments in Estonia at the moment which is so convenient considering the short flight time (around 50 minutes!). This Tuesday I flew over for three different meetings which was quite intense, also considering I have a really bad flu at the moment! And the flight was horribly early in the morning - 6.30 a.m....

I was booked with Norwegian but the flight was operated by a Romanian low cost carrier - Blue Air. This seems to happen a lot these days that the flights are operated by another carrier. What do you think about this? I always chose airline based on safety but nowadays it's really difficult to know what you actually fly in the end (and BTW SAS does the same thing with Cityjet).

Anyhow, I went straight to the airport to my factory where I met with the owner Lea. As always we do fitting of samples, discuss what can be done from different fabric qualities and plan protos and production going forward. For fall I plan to add some festive garments to the collection and a really exciting sample fabric just arrived from Italy.


After Lea and I had gone through all our outstanding issues, we headed to a printing supplier in Tallinn. For the sailing race ÅFOR we did custom made UV wear with and embroidered logo and name of the sailing boat. We were really happy with their work and are now investigating whether we can print on the UV wear as well. The coming week we will do some sampling to find out which printing technology they can use for the garments.

My final meeting (puh!) was with an e-commerce distributor in Tallinn. Lately all distribution has been done internally but in order to scale up internationally we are looking into outsourcing the stock and distribution to Tallinn. This will also save money when we don't have to ship the ready garments to Sweden before they are distributed to the end customer. These types of large distrubutors also have much better freight agreements, and hence also lower freight fees then we can ever get, so shipping cost would significantly drop for us.

Sorry about the boring pictures but these travel days are so intense so there is very little time for inspirational photos :)!.

xoxo Malin

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