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I have found it really hard to find the right visual strategy for the Caliss brand. How do you balance the brand vs. being personal as a founder (a brand account tends to be quite boring with little interaction from the audience)? If you run a personal instagram as an influencer it is quite straight forward how you communicate with your audience. I often feel that I would prefer just having a personal account, example: @mrsrodial vs @rodialbeauty (her personal account has five times more followers).

Over the past months I have done some analysis and benchmark on how I would like to take the brand to the next level in Social Media. It is quite clear what works and not when you look at statistics such as interaction (likes, comments), exposures and savings.

Today I had lunch with a photographer that I plan to work with on improving both the website and also the Instagram account. Having worked as an analyst on a Management Consulting firm (I spent nine years at Boston Consulting Group) I did a classic benchmark to get some ideas, but also to structure my thinking.

I always set the ambition high so I decided to name the project "Creating the most inspiring Instagram account in business wear" :)

Some first ideas

One of the benchmarks. Showing the belly might not work for my audience though :).

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