Relaxing weekend

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The weather in Stockholm was amazing this Saturday - no wind, sunny and really warm. We joined some friends and took their RIB out for a short trip from Vaxholm to Rindö for a lunch in the sun. The great thing about living in Stockholm is that you always have the archipelago just around the corner and you can either go there with your own boat, commuter boats or public transport.  We decided to lunch at "Waxholms Bryggeri" where they have their own small scale beer brewerey and a really cozy restaurant.

The restaurant which is actually called Oxen & Djupet. Check it out here.

I am really not a beer drinker but I tasted som and it was actually really good! Read more about it here.

Newly built flats where you can moor your 54 feet sailing yacht just below your balcony :)

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