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I came across the danish TV series Perfekte Steder by coincidence the other day (for you living in Sweden, you can find it on SVT Play - "Någon som Du"). It's a bit like the Norwegian SKAM but the characters are in their late twenties instead of teenagers. Maybe also because the Copenhagen Fashion took place last week, I got really inspired by danish women's way of dressing. They have a much more playful attitude towards fashion than many other countries, mixing dresses with sneakers and adding colorful earrings to create that extra playful touch to the oufit.

I personally love GANNI for their mix of fun clothing that are still very wearable, and works at any age (just style it according to your own style and age). Cecile Bahnsen is another designer that just makes the most amazing dresses, so feminine and contemporary.

Anyhow, inspired by danish style I decided to start adding more color into my everyday dressing, and also start mixing different colors. I bought this amazing petroleum colored pleated skirt on ARKET's summer sale and it will be a favourite in my year round wardrobe. For Saturday's dinner party at our friends' house I went for this outfit!

Blouse Anna in Bronze (CALISS), skirt ARKET and earrings ZARA.

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