CALISS is a Stockholm based fashion brand founded by Malin Helenius. Through mixing feminine and modern silhouettes with comfortable and easy care high-quality fabric, CALISS has managed to get a loyal customer base among its customers.

CALISS clothes are uncomplicated to wear and fits the need of the busy but style conscious women that want to look and feel good both at the office and for an after work dinner. 


The name CALISS is a latin version of the name KALIX which is the birth city of th e founder Malin. Growing up in a family where both parents had a large interest in handicraft - a father who created furtniture and other home accessories out of wood, and a mother skilled in knitting, weaving and embrodery - creativity was a large part of Malin's childhood.


In the design process a lot of effort is put into creating "the perfect fit" that is figure flattering and comfortable to wear. Attention to details is central to create unique pieces that combines design and careful selection of fabrics and accessories.


All fabrics have the highest quality standard and are sourced from South Korea, Italy, Austria, Turkey and France. We strive for transparency in the supply chain and our goal is to only use fabrics that are OEKO-TEX certified and/or REACH certified. Our fabrics are tested before production and should always have a combination of elegant look, function (wrinkle resistance) and lasting quality (non-pilling).


The clothes are manufactured in Estonia as we like to have a close oversight over the production. Estonia as a country also has a large share of working women, and a strict work regulation in terms of vacation and maternity leave.


Sustainability is a central aspect of the brand and we therefore design pieces that will be wardrobe heroes and last for years. The design process and the careful selection of suppliers are both important aspects of the sustainability work. For environmental reasons, most garments, except the blazers, are washable. 


In late 2018 CALISS launched its resort line taking performance and style to the next level. Experiencing a gap in the market for well designed sun wear for women and children Malin decided to design multi-functional garments that could be worn at anything from the chic beach club to after beach drinks. The UPF 50+ fabric used is manufactured sustainably in Italy and have qualities such as quick dry, wrinkle resistance and breathability. The collection is available under the brand PRTECT brand on www.prtect-me.com.